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Will the 2016 presidential election prove more of the same? This second edition book provides some interesting insights and facts just as it does for the 2012 presidential election during the GOP nomination process; facts and occurrences that will make you double down!"

Transparency? Fair elections? Truth in media? Who controls? Oligarchy? A government for and by the people? A come-from-behind Warren G. Harding victory?

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the nomination in Tampa at the GOP national convention. But the last standing Republican presidential candidate to Romney, Dr. Ron Paul, had an army of grassroots delegates headed to the national convention.

Republican primaries and caucuses began in early 2012, followed by Republican state conventions; presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) had solid, consistent support. But alleged fraud in certain early primary/caucus contests, deceptive and unfair practices at state GOP conventions, and the mainstream media's dismissive attitude about Paul's presidential bid certainly impeded his candidacy. At many state GOP conventions where delegates to the national convention were selected, Ron Paul amassed delegate majorities.

While these victories were won based on the rules in play and his number of delegates swelled, subsequent challenges arose. At the national convention, the party leadership and formal structure actually de-credentialed Paul delegates, preventing Ron Paul's name from being put in nomination.