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Second Edition Reviews

Well researched and written. The book is true to its title. Let us hope we will not miss another opportunity this election cycle.

S Prakash Kancherla

After I read the first book, I felt empowered. When I listen to the debates or read about the candidates for the 2016 elections, I can say that I felt smarter analyzing the news and the campaigns. Perfect timing for the second edition! Thank you Ms. Smarth for opening my eyes!

Alia Suqi

After reading the first edition it is mandatory that I reread the second edition considering our current political climate. One party is the Old (older) guard with more of the same and the other is a rat race with many candidates being manipulated by the press. D. Smarth sorts it all out and brings a level playing field to you the voter. Excellent !

Don Vincenzo

First Edition Reviews

I found the first edition of Ms. Smarth's book to be written with passion and insight into the political campaign arena. I look forward to reading the second edition.

Andrew Bennett

I was very impressed with your writing and the book overall…your knowledge of the process impressed me very much….If only some of that information had gotten out to the press, he [Ron Paul] may have had a better chance.

I would love to learn more of what you do for 2016, so I might be more effective in doing whatever I can do.

Alice Steinbacher

Every supporter of should have a copy of this book to understand party politricks in the primary process.

Bob Pyle

I highly praise Deborah Smarth and her book America's Lost Opportunity as a clear and free voice challenging the American political system. Although we have to agree to disagree in part on the role of journalism, I truly respect the commitment of a citizen to be so engaged. It is sorely needed in our society today. Passion is lost but not in this book. Good journalists have the same mission and it is based in Jeffersonian principles. That great president truly believed that the political system would become criminalized given unchallenged and unchecked power if the citizens allowed it. Clearly, Ms. Smarth is doing her part. Her research, clarity in writing and presentation make this book a wonderful read.

Jody Calendar, former editor of two large newspapers and a current member of the Oakes Board of the Columbia Journalism School

This book told the inside story of an apparently corrupt process of choosing the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. It was very insightful and presented factual events that could have changed the outcome of the Republican nomination as well as the Pesidential election itself. It made me realize that what you read in news publications does not always tell the entire story and how established party rules can be broken in order to promote a pre-established agenda.

The book was very well thought out, researched and presented by the auther. I strongly recommend it to politically minded individuals who seek the truth about how a Presidential nominee is chosen.

Peter Amico

This was the election that made me realize that we no longer have elections in this country and we are now third world with the establishment firmly in place and staying there. The cheating, media corruption and unfair coverage, and election fraud was all apparent to anyone out there in the trenches. Thanks for this expose, Deborah.

C. L. Henson

A must read political account of the 2012 election process. A masterful treatment of the facts surrounding the election, media and gaps in coverage most would not realize until you read this informative book. The material flows well, has unbelievable WOW points throughout the book and keeps reader wanting to find out more, so much so that the reader may take to YouTube and other venues in search of more. Some events which have not made media play, or other facts which get twisted or not reported at all are presented and analyzed in an easy to read and follow intriguing format.


The book was an eye opener. The details in it were fascinating. I was amazed about how little we, the average people, know about our political system. I will never look at elections the same way again.

Alia Suqi

Deborah K. Smarth has written an interesting chronicle of Dr Ron Paul's campaign for the United States Republican nomination for President in the 2012 election.

If Republicans want to win a presidential election in 2016, they should read this book. Ron Paul would have stood a better chance against President Obama on debates. The Republicans need to stop the greed and corruption if they want to win the next election in 2016.

To say that the Republican Party is out of touch with normal Americans is the truth! This book shows how a good candidate with morals and logic like Ron Paul can be railroaded out of being their candidate. Maybe Ron Paul should switch parties since the Republicans shunned him in favor of a more suitable candidate like Romney for the 1 percent. That's why they're losing and not gaining supporters and voters. The Republicans today are simply too old and narrow minded about domestic and foreign policies.


Deborah Smarth digs up details on the GOP presidential nomination process that open our eyes to the behind the scenes maneuvers that win presidential nominations. The majority wins, but the minority rules. This meticulously crafted account of the 2012 Republican presidential nomination process tells it all - the people, press and processes that determine the winners before the voters get into the election booth. Political aficionados everywhere will love this book.

Angela Harrington

As far as I know, Ms. Smarth is the only writer who has undertaken to document the sad and undeserved shipwreck of the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, which may turn out to have been the last chance to check the country's now century-old drift toward into corporatist centralism.

John Bramhall

Well written and offering some insight into the politicians and how candidates can, with a little help, move to the top or bottom of the class very quickly. Unfortunately most voters keep voting for candidates on a superficial level and somehow believe all the rhetoric.

Ms. Smarth offers an insight into the idea that maybe people don't want to know the truth and those that try to tell us...don't do so well in the polls.

Alfonso J. Izzi

A must read for every voting American. And, a mandatory read for ANY student of political science. A real insight into the corrupt voting process with thorough research and validation.

Don Vincenzo

This is a powerful and persuasive book that presents a compelling case from the inside-out for anyone who wants to learn the truth about the inner-workings of the two-party political system in 21st century America.

It is a 1st-person narrative about trying to drive positive change and the politically-motivated resistance to that change, even when the protagonists are willing to work within the prevailing system and each of its constituent processes. Simple avoidance technique: secretly change the requirements of that system and its most critical processes.

This book is a "must-read" for every American voter before the 2016 presidential primaries!

Will B. Struggles